The better way
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The better way to get new perspectives

The better way
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Guillaume Dulude

How Not To Get Eaten By Canibals




Alexis Charpentier

Music Archeology: Reviving the World's Forgotten Records

For generations, record collectors have played a vital role in the preservation of musical and cultural heritage by “digging” for obscure music created by overlooked artists. These music "archeologists" are consumed by a desire to give these records a second chance at being heard and appreciated. In our digital age, these record-diggers also act as music curators and are crucial alternative voices to a contemporary culture often served by computer algorithms.

Alexis Charpentier (DJ Lexis) is the founder of Music Is My Sanctuary (MIMS), a website and collective dedicated to showcasing “future classics & forgotten treasures” to an audience of open-minded music lovers. Created in 2007, the website has become a highly influential and trusted music source worldwide.

In addition, MIMS launched several ventures such as 24 Hours of Vinyl, numerous signature events and several music curation projects, including a weekly radio show. For the past 15 years, Alexis has been a pillar of the Montreal music scene as DJ Lexis. He is a music entrepreneur, a music programmer at Montreal’s Phi Centre and tours for worldwide DJ shows and festivals.

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    Our selection process usually begins with an online form open to all on our website. People can submit their ideas for conferences or speakers. We receive hundreds of suggestions each year!

    A committee dedicated to the programming of the event then reviews the applications and establishes a top 50 of the most interesting suggestions. Subsequently, the 50 candidates are interviewed in order to learn more about their idea.

    Once their ideas have been more deeply explored, a second selection committee – this time consisting of professionals from a variety of fields – examines the applications. The programming committee presents each application to the selection committee and the latter eventually votes to choose the speakers that will be part of the next TEDxMontréal edition.

    Speakers are then coached all year long in order to prepare their talk, not only to make it a success on the day of the event but also to make it even more likely to be shared online in the TED community after the event. The speaker selection and the coaching of the happy few will therefore spread over several months. Currently, the application form is not yet online… But keep an eye out for it on our website or subscribe to our newsletter… The selection for next year should start in January 2016!

  • How do I become a volunteer for TEDxMontreal?

    The TEDxMontreal team is currently complete.

    When the time comes to recruit new volunteers, likely around January 2016, we will invite anyone interested to fill out an online form. So stay up to date on our website or subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our next recruitment wave!

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